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Empowering Dealers and Vendors with Secure Data Movement

DealerVault is the first ever easy-to-use platform designed to allow dealerships full control of syndication and distribution of their data to approved third-party solution providers (such as Carfeine). DealerVault provides the solution to certification issues without necessitating costly vendor certification:

– By securing the data storage and transfer of DMS data

– By providing complete transparency on what data is being transferred and where, along with a full audit history to comply with NADA guidelines

– By significantly reducing setup time with one-time master report setups

– By offering $20 million cyber liability insurance protection.


For these reasons, DealerVault is Carfeine’s preferred method of data movement and DMS integration. Join us in the Data Revolution  – Contact DealerVault to start protecting your data today! 877.834.2451,

Carfeine Joins DealerVault’s Premier Network to Provide Dealers with an Integrated Solution

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LA CROSSE, WI – DealerVault is proud to announce the newest member of its Premier Network – Carfeine. Carfeine joined the Premier Network on June 17, 2015, and now offers their platform through DealerVault. Integrating Carfeine with DealerVault will offer dealers a combined solution of products, all while granting Carfeine the ability to advocate for transparency and full dealer control in data movement.

DealerVault’s Premier Network allows third-party solution providers, such as Carfeine, to actively support dealerships’ desire to take back control of their data. This platform creates a win-win for vendors and dealerships alike. Dealerships are empowered with control over their data and Premier Vendors are able to actively support this desired effort.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Carfeine has joined the DealerVault Premier Network family! Carfeine is known for their strengths in the automotive retail marketing industry, and we anxiously anticipate the support this optimal partnership will provide for the automotive industry as a whole. I applaud the courage in Carfeine’s choice to embrace transparency and true dealer control in data movement!” commented Stephen Cottrell, President and CEO of DealerVault.

“It is rare that we find another firm as much of a Dealer partner as we strive to achieve. Even rarer is getting to work with a team as committed to control and simplicity. The Premier Network enables us to bring our unique value to those Dealers already allied with DealerVault and together offer a combined solution truly unique to our industry,” stated Mike Muncy, Founder and CEO of Carfeine.

DealerVault is excited to have Carfeine join them in their endeavor to revolutionize the automotive industry by putting dealerships back in control of their data. For more information, visit or call 877-834-2451.

About Carfeine:

Carfeine is a big-data powered automotive marketing platform focused on putting the right vehicle in front of the right person at the right time in order to increase efficiency in the automotive retail market. Carfeine helps solve the problem that today’s auto dealers face; the optimization of their internet advertising efficiency, ROI, and reduction of advertising per vehicle sold costs.

About DealerVault:

DealerVault is the first cloud-based system designed to empower dealerships with control over the syndication and distribution of their DMS data. Its’ easy to use, web-based platform allows dealerships to quickly setup, view, and modify DMS data feeds. DealerVault provides dealerships with a solution to all pressing issues including security, compliance, and the indemnification of a $20 million cyber liability policy.

Dealer Websites Need to Use ‘Big Data’

By | SideKick

In many ways, the automotive industry is ahead of the pack when it comes to digital marketing technologies. We have a high level of understanding when it comes to search engine marketing, lead generation, and advertising platforms.

On the other hand, there is a gaping hole when it comes to plugging in dealer websites into the extremely effective realm of “big data”. The knowledge is out there. Companies such as our friends at Dataium as well as our own network of sites have plenty of data that can be made available to dealers, vendors, and OEMs. Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies in our space are missing the boat when it comes to applying this data to helping consumers.

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