AI is coming,

Make the technology

your assistant

not your competition.

Cara® is designed from the ground up to support the Agency model.

The most power digital marketing engine… period

Game Changer

Cara’s® use of machine learning and neural net based deep learning coupled with her use of multiple data sources is the most powerful retail automotive digital marketing engine ever created.

More data, more insights, less work

Powerful Reporting

Let Cara® sort thru each client’s dealership data generating powerful reporting that increases the value your agency brings to its clients.

Do more, do it better, and do it with overhead

Lower Overhead

Cara’s® allows your line account managers to direct and set strategy without needing to be an SEM expert or need a large SEM team to manage the campaigns.

Increase Client’s reach, without increasing budget

Increase Reach

Cara’s® efficiency and optimization allow for your to increase your client’s reach and conversions without changing their budget. Give them more for less!