EveryAuto.com Joins Carfeine’s Automotive Merchandising Network

BETHESDA, MD – Carfeine is proud to announce the newest member of its Automotive Merchandising Network – EveryAuto.com. EveryAuto.com joined the Network on September 24, 2015, and now offers access to their 50,000 daily auto shoppers through Carfeine. Integrating EveryAuto.com into Carfeine offers dealers a customer acquisition partner – providing display as well as mobile consumer options – all while granting Carfeine Dealers the ability to acquire customers transparently and with full control.

Carfeine’s Automotive Merchandising Network allows third-party vehicle merchandisers, such as EveryAuto.com, to actively support dealerships’ desire to directly merchandise their most valuable asset – their inventory – and attract customers through their own campaigns. The platform creates a win-win for consumers and dealerships alike by increasing efficiency in the market. Dealerships are empowered with control over their inventory and a transparent competitive marketplace for customer acquisition while Carfeine is able to actively support a more connected auto buying public.

“It is my pleasure to announce that EveryAuto.com has joined the Carfeine Automotive Merchandising Network. EveryAuto.com has shown their strengths in automotive retail merchandising and we anxiously anticipate the support this partnership will provide our member Dealers,” commented Mike Muncy, Founder and CEO of Carfeine.

“EveryAuto is proud to be a part of the Carfeine Automotive Merchandising Network. We believe in their vision of transparency and efficient digital engagement. Our team is excited to provide targeted shoppers to dealers in their marketplace,” stated Ben Weston, Co-Founder of EveryAuto.com.

Carfeine is excited to have EveryAuto.com join them in their endeavor to revolutionize the automotive retail industry by putting dealerships back in control of their own customer acquisition. For more information, visit www.carfeine.com or call (888) 287-5183.

About EveryAuto.com:
EveryAuto.com is a next generation auto search site focused on mobile car shopping. Over 50,000 shoppers per day visit EveryAuto.com looking for the right new or used vehicle. Their focus on mobile media has generated a new audience and unlocked high-quality clicks, calls, and leads for their Dealer partners. EveryAuto.com is part of Automotive Media Group, a leading automotive marketing company with 1.7mm visitors per month.