About DealerVault

By September 14, 2015Automotive Industry

Empowering Dealers and Vendors with Secure Data Movement

DealerVault is the first ever easy-to-use platform designed to allow dealerships full control of syndication and distribution of their data to approved third-party solution providers (such as Carfeine). DealerVault provides the solution to certification issues without necessitating costly vendor certification:

– By securing the data storage and transfer of DMS data

– By providing complete transparency on what data is being transferred and where, along with a full audit history to comply with NADA guidelines

– By significantly reducing setup time with one-time master report setups

– By offering $20 million cyber liability insurance protection.


For these reasons, DealerVault is Carfeine’s preferred method of data movement and DMS integration. Join us in the Data Revolution  – Contact DealerVault to start protecting your data today! 877.834.2451,www.dealervault.com